What is happening?

What is now happening to our world didn’t really hit me until I walked into a grocery store and saw all the empty shelves. I know my jaw hit the floor and I just walked around Lidl wondering what had happened. Another woman looked at me and she said, “I just can’t believe this either.” We are used to seeing grocery shelves overflowing with goods.

I can’t quite grasp the concept of what is happening. I suppose the only ones who really know how bad this virus is are the doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMTs and all the healthcare workers who are on the front lines battling this virus. I can’t imagine what it must be like for them knowing there are no treatments available to stop the virus. All they can do is provide relief with ventilators that are in short supply. This country is supposed to be rich in resources but when our healthcare workers are crying for proper protection for themselves, I can’t imagine their feelings. Let down?

My youngest daughter will be a nurse, if all goes well, in May. She and others like her are desperate to get their degrees so they can help. My daughter is also a CNA so she is already working at a hospital but she can only do so much. I try to pray for all these workers. I know prayer is powerful and should be enough but I just don’t understand what is happening to our world.

The United States now has surpassed China and Italy with the number of people who have the virus and yet our President is wanting to have people back to work by Easter. He does not need to worry about meeting the needs of his family. He does not need to worry about how he is going to pay for the necessities of daily living. He is protected. While the majority of Americans who are living real lives of trying to protect ourselves and our families are shaking our heads at his attitude. The experts in research and medical care have no concrete knowledge of how this virus will progress, will continue or if a vaccine can be developed quickly enough to help.

We have heard no more news from China. We do not know what is really happening there. China is a communist country and will control what news is allowed to be told. Is China telling us the truth? Have they controlled the virus? Are their people now allowed out of mandatory lockdown?

All we know is that Italy has a growing fatality rate every day. Spain is becoming just as bad. European countries are on lockdown, as is India, South Africa and many other countries. Americans are now seeing an explosion of people who have tested positive for the virus. And our President wants people to go back to work by Easter. I understand this is an election year but is going back to work worth it at the loss of lives?

Contracting the virus and fighting your way through it is an option but who will survive the virus and who will not? We just don’t know. Too many young lives have been taken. Too many elderly people have been taken. Who wants to take the risk of contracting the virus when you don’t know if you will survive it? I manged to fight through breast cancer. I was determined to beat it. But that was when I had all the medical resources available and the doctors could determine my survival accurately or perhaps not as two of my lymph nodes were diseased. There are just too many unknowns and how can we make that decision for others? All I know is that I will keep praying for this beautiful world.

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