Welcome to my brand new website. I was having issues with my old website. Took it down and now have this wonderful website which I did not do myself.

I was going to just take it down and not do any more writing. I have been so busy with transcription work and thought I was making a wise choice. Until my friends and children kicked up a fuss and told me not to stop. I do love to write. My blogs on my cancer journey gave me great peace and joy. My first novel, The Goblet, was a venting of sorts for me. My second novel, You Are Mine, started maybe 20 years ago. But it has gone through heavy duty revisions until it is now published.

My wunderkind, Peter, suggested I build my website myself. Big sigh. No, huge, big sigh. I think I told him how I have gone through 3 laptops in 3 years. Each time I took them in to the Geek Squad to have them fixed, they would look at me and shake their head. They asked me how the incidents happened and I would just shrug my shoulders and say, “I dunno. I just turned it on, was typing and all of a sudden, it crashed.” None of those laptops could be fixed. I have gone through a Dell, a Lenovo, an HP and I am back to a Lenovo. I am also now on the Geek Squad’s yearly help plan. I think I am at the top of their list. I did make an attempt to build the website myself but after two months of getting nowhere and basically just messing everything up that is known to computers, I found a professional.

I am now working on my third novel. It is a paranormal. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by the supernatural. It is about a family that moves into a house possessed by demons. Their decision is to stay and fight the demons. They also get help from a minister and a priest who is authorized to perform exorcisms. I am kind of that, don’t you dare push me around, especially when it comes to my children, type of person. And when it is a choice between God and demons, well, God will win.

I will be writing more blogs. The topics will be varied. Who knows where my mind will wander to. But I hope you like my website and I hope you will buy my books. Please, let me know what you think of my website and please, please, please, let me know what you think of my books.

Prayer changes things!