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The Story of Chicken Little

I wonder how many people remember the original story of Chicken Little that was presented by Walt Disney Productions in 1943. It was produced short and was to be released as war propaganda. It was based on the original story of Chicken Little.

The story was set with chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and other fowl living happily in their yard, knowing they were safe, surrounded by a tall fence and a locked gate. Well, one day along comes a sneaky fox named Foxy Loxy and wants to have him some chicken. But seeing the fence and gate, he decides on another route and he decides to read from a book of psychology. Once read, he decides to use Chicken Little who doesn’t do much around the yard except play with a yo-yo. Foxy Loxy goes about painting a piece of wood blue and then gets a cigar. Lighting the cigar to produce smoke to resemble a storm, he throws the piece of wood and blows the smoke at Chicken Little. He tells Chicken Little that the sky is falling which puts Chicken Little into hysterics and runs to tell the others in the yard that the sky is falling.

The influential leader, Cocky Locky tells everyone that it was just a piece of wood and the sky wasn’t falling. Everyone settles down. But Foxy Loxy was persistent and kept using Chicken Little. He presented just enough lies and repeated them enough that finally Chicken Little convinced everyone that the sky was truly falling. Based on repetitive lies, no one researching the facts, Foxy Loxy managed to lure them all to a cave, where guess what? They were trapped and Foxy Loxy got him lots of fowl for many dinners.

This is what I see is happening here in America. People have been complacent and gone about their lives until 2020. Coming from Canada and having the privilege of traveling a fair amount to other countries, Canadians seem to be much more aware of world (ie. outside of America) events than Americans. 2020 comes along and we have a pandemic. A virus that is like no other virus anyone in the world has ever seen. Yes, the world population is totally unprepared for this and the people of every country is relying on their governments to deal with the virus and protect them. But that didn’t happen everywhere.

The president of this country seemed to be unconcerned and unconvinced by the warnings of health officials. If you don’t have background knowledge in an area, then you should be relying on those who do. This didn’t happen. This lack of concern spread to some Americans and now this pandemic has spread to horrible proportions. Yes, there has been confusion on the best way to handle safety measures from our health professionals, but I can’t blame them. They have had no prior experience and have no substantial information on this virus. But they are attempting to do the best they can.

So I will listen to them rather than a president who has such a lack of concern for the American people until it suits his needs. And now he has consistently repeated lies and sent messages to unhinge the American people. He has over and over repeated “the election was stolen from us” (notice the wording), “there is voter fraud”, “the election was rigged”. Repeat these statements over and over again, every day, come what may and he now has people who believe these statements. Does anyone ever research his statements? Well, no, duh. He’s the president and if he says it enough, it must be true. And the fact that 81 million Americans voted for Biden doesn’t count. What is being stated is that the voice of 81 million Americans doesn’t matter.

Repeat lies enough and people will start to believe them. Trump has set a dangerous and disastrous course for America unless more people stand up and say, “This is wrong!” This is not true. Look at the facts. Experienced, professional people were put in charge of our election system. So many safeguards were put in place. What Trump is saying did not happen. I believe in the constitution. I believe in the election process that just happened. It is a time for reason and a coming together of differing opinions to form the best course of action for all Americans. Not just a few.

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