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The End Times

Let me just say right away that I am no expert on the book of Revelation nor do I know what the end times will be like. There are so many different theories about the end times. While many people say that Revelation is the forecast for the end of times, others have said it is a book about hope.

Are we in the end times because of all the things that have been happening? Not only in the United States with the fires and the snowstorms and the flooding and the hurricanes and tornadoes but now this pandemic that is racing through the world. I have no idea. But it is extremely interesting to watch everything unfold on an intellectual and spiritual level.

The Jewish faith does not believe that Jesus has already been here. So their belief is that when Jesus does come, that will be the end of time. Christians believe that it will be Jesus’ second coming to the world that will signify the end. The belief is that Jesus will round up all the believers and take them somewhere – the theories differ on where they will go. I know though that the Jewish people will form the 12 tribes. Then God will give us humans one last chance to turn over our earthly ways which is something Satan is in control of and turn to God. I’m not sure how many chances God will give us humans but I know He does want us to love Him and believe in Him. Satan just wants to be the bad guy and mess us up. There will be a final war between God and the angels with Satan and his minions. It’ll be pretty spectacular, I believe. In fact, in this dimension where the angels and demons live, there are battles going on all the time. We just don’t see them. That is my belief.

I have no idea if we are in the end times. I have no idea when it will come. I have asked myself if Jesus were to appear before me, how will I react? Will I believe Him? I think I would. As a Christian, my heart would know. I mean, He is Jesus. You would have to know just by feeling His presence. There would be such an energy of love and hope and grace that would emanate from Jesus, you would just have to know that it was Him. At least, as a Christian, this is what I believe.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a skeptic. I keep looking at the Bible and thinking, “Okay, I know these are the words from God but it was humans, Catholics who put the books of the Bible together.” They were men who thought they knew what was best for the rest of us. Most people couldn’t read when the bible was put together. And now there are excavations uncovering more books written by people who surrounded Jesus. These books were deliberately left out. Why?

I would also like to go to Church but I have been burned by Sunday only Christians. I need a Church that lives each and every day as a Christian, not when it suits them. I need a Church that does community work and helps people in need. I need a Church that does not have all the answers of the Bible but is trying to figure it out. The Bible was written 2,000 years ago in a totally different time and different cultures. How can we say with absolute certainty that we know exactly what is meant by the words.

I am getting side-tracked. I am just saying that I have no idea when we will see Jesus return to earth. We are not to know – that is what is written. Instead we are to live our lives as Jesus. Sorry, God there is no way I could be like Jesus but I do the best I can. I try to do what I can for others. There is only one thing that I ask. I do not want to go to Heaven until I make sure that everyone I love and cherish is going as well. So however it ends up, I want to stay behind and convince those people I love that there is a better way. There is more to our lives than this world.

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