Masked or Unmasked

There are only four countries in the world who have not gone on lockdown. Sweden, South Korea, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. However, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are denying the existence of the coronavirus. Also, there are some restrictions in force in all four countries. Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are not reporting accurate numbers of cases or deaths. South Korea is now reporting renewed outbreaks along with Germany and China.

Sweden with a population of 10.23 million has the highest number of deaths in Europe per capita from the COVID-19 virus over the last 7 days. Norway has 8,264 reported cases, with 233 deaths and 32 recovered. Finland has 6,399 reported cases with 301 deaths and 5,000 recovered cases. Now let’s see Sweden has 30,799 reported cases, 3,743 deaths and 4,971 recovered. All in the interest of maintaining their health care system and having the herd-immunity mentality. I know from the 60 Minutes program I watched several weeks ago, scientists in Sweden are a little more than upset with the politicians in Sweden.

People in America are bullying politicians to open up again. Many states have now opened but with restrictions which these individuals are ignoring. Gone is keeping your distance. And do not make them wear a mask or it will lead to a drag down fight. Wearing a mask is against their constitutional right and besides both the president and vice-president blatantly walk around without masks.

Many people are also spewing herd immunity, survival of the fittest and that their immunity system is not compromised. Even though your immune system is not compromised, what about those that you may come in contact with? I just hope you never face a health issue whereby your immunity system becomes compromised. Many fit people have come down with COVID-19 and suffered greatly. I think of a Broadway performer who is a dancer who was in an induced coma and unfortunately lost a leg from complications. From what I know, dancers are pretty fit people and this man was in his early 40s, still very young. The herd immunity is again, being spouted by people who just do not care about the welfare of others.

As a society, I thought Americans were a people that took care of the elderly, the weak, those that are down on their luck. As a Christian, that is my belief, that we take care of our neighbors. Our neighbors are not just the people across the street from us but in our neighborhoods, villages, cities, countries, continents. When did it change? This thoughtless behavior by people who are only thinking of themselves is sad. It’s not just yourself you need to think about but everyone that is around you. I will continue to donate to my local food bank and those that are in need. I will continue to wear my mask and gloves in consideration of those around me. Lionel Richie is right. We Are The World

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