If Trump Would Only…

I watch the news every night. Not for long. Just to get a sense of what is going on. It is pretty discouraging to see what is happening in America. The America that I adopted in 2016. The America that I have made my home.

Watching the protests, the riots, the calls to defund the police are so unsettling. And I posed this to my husband last night. If President Trump really cared about America. If President Trump really cared about the American people. If President Trump would only put his political agenda on the back burner and listen to what Americans are saying.

I don’t know why the President does not gather together a group of individuals to solve what is happening in the Black Lives Matter issues. The President should have a group of advisors who could find individuals who are respected in their communities to come together and talk about the issues. Then try to come up with solutions to bring people together, not tear them apart.

The President could also very well find people who are respected in their communities to discuss defunding the police. This needs to be discussed rationally without fear of reprimands. Instead of going in with an attitude of just taking away money, how can the system be made better? People who have knowledge and are willing to work to improve the system should be used. Not people with a political agenda to fill. I know there are people who would be willing to get together to work out the issues and find solutions. Viable solutions that would work.

But I suppose, this is a dream of mine. President Trump keeps saying Make America Great. Well, that certainly is not happening. All countries are watching Americans and are horrified by the actions of a few following a President who is trying to do what? Here is my dream. That reasonable, responsible, caring, intelligent Americans come together to talk about the issues and work towards finding solutions to make America great again.

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