I am still an American

Well, November was the first time I voted in a federal election as an American. This was not an easy election and it was not an easy decision for me to make. I do not make decisions lightly. I put a lot of thought into who I was going to vote for especially since I thought in 2016 that Trump would be a good President.

However, I watched him through the four years and was disturbed by his over-use of Twitter and his disturbing and embarrassing comments that he would make. He alienated himself from other countries and people from other countries were quick to criticize his behavior. When I lived in Canada, Canadians watched US politics closely as a lot of what happened in the States were felt in Canada. I actually felt closer to the Republican party as the party was similar to the Conservative party in Canada while the Democrats were similar to the Liberal party.

All of us watched the pandemic unfold in 2020. I was saddened and frightened by how quickly it spread world wide and I deeply empathized with people who lost loved ones to the pandemic. But Trump’s (I apologize but I cannot give him the title of President Trump) neglect and disinterest in trying to contain the virus, disheartened and disturbed me. Then watching the issues that arose and brought the Black Lives Matter movement forth, also made me extremely sad. But with the pandemic spreading and growing, and being a cancer survivor and having asthma, I did not feel comfortable attending the protests. I was also not certain how I could help. I did donate what I could to charities to help people in need.

What has happened to people’s attitudes? There should be no question of wearing masks. If not for yourself, but for others. Is it your constitutional right to speed? Speed limit signs are posted to protect everyone. And yet people are blatantly disregarding masks, social distancing, being considerate of other people. Trump caught COVID-19 after disregarding all the safety measures posted by health officials then was given experimental drugs to combat the virus. My opinion is that those drugs seriously affected him.

So after watching Trump’s behavior over the past year, I considered who I thought would bring this country together. Who would be the person who would try to bring all groups together and try to make compromises? Who would try to listen to all sides and try to find solutions that would fit the majority? Who would work to contain this pandemic? Trump’s behavior left me so uncomfortable and after hearing his comments and posts on Twitter, I thought enough is enough and I voted for Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris. I did not feel comfortable about this but in my heart, I thought Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris would work to bring peace to this nation.

Now after watching what happened on January 6th, my heart broke. The desecration of Capital Hill by thoughtless people is such an embarrassment to this nation. Then to hear how Trump fanned the flames and encouraged people to break the law. Hearing his disgusting speech, telling the people to go home but still fanning the flames of anger, shows a real lack of someone who is putting his country first. The election was not stolen from Trump. The election was won honestly by the Democrats. There was no fraud, no bribes, no nonsense that Trump is falsely claiming. The system worked. I am sure that had the Republicans won, Trump would be saying how wonderful everything worked. Trump has no legal claim to any wrongdoing. He could not find any proof whatsoever and all his claims were thrown out by every single court and judge.

The Fathers of this nation put together a brilliant constitution. They thought of every little detail and it has stood the test of time. We should be proud of our constitution and all of us, every single American, needs to be willing to stand behind it. We are allowed to have differences of opinion. We need to have differing opinions so that our nation can work the way it should. We cannot allow one person or a group of people to dismiss the opinions of others. We cannot allow one person try to destroy our democracy. The people of this nation voted. The people of this nation made their decision. And not a single American should be above the law.

We are also seeing 4,000 deaths per day now for the last two days. Will that number increase? And when will everyone realize this virus is not something to be toyed with. What will happen after the riots of January 6th when all those people return to their homes? When will people start thinking of this nation?

While I was born and raised in Canada, I moved to the States in 2008. I love this country and its people. I love the history. I love the monuments and the land. Everyone needs to be reminded of the past, of the history in order that we do not make the same mistakes in the future. Even though some monuments may be disturbing, they need to be visible so that we can remember what we should not repeat and make a better future. I pray for this nation. I pray for healing and I pray that we can work together for the good of our nation.

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