Cats Are Easy, Right?

I have had cats all my life. I love their independence, their playfulness, their personalities and how easy they are to train. Ooops. Well, not really.

Since moving to the States, I have kept my cats inside as indoor cats. I tended to live in countryside areas with pastures and bushes close by. Too many coyotes, hawks, and other wildlife that could potentially make a meal out of my cats. I had cat towers for them inside. I had toys for them. So we were pretty happy and set.

Then I moved down to South Carolina with my new husband. I had two cats and he had two dogs. My husband said he didn’t like cats but Krissy adopted him as her human and would curl up beside him or on him every night. After a few months, we adopted another cat into the mix. My husband’s two dogs were elderly and first Cody passed and then one year later, Roscoe passed. After a few months, Buddy, my dog who my daughter had been taking care of moved into the house. A lot of changes for my first two cats, Krissy and Bojangles.

So then we noticed damp, smelly areas on our two guest bedroom mattresses. I cleaned those up vigorously but they appeared again and it started to happen on our sofa. It was Bojangles. In frustration, I cleaned up the messes and then we put plastic sheets over the beds and couch. Add to that, our two female cats, Krissy and Vesper were not getting along. Talk about cat fights. Bojangles is the male.

I became dejected about the peeing. So, not being one to just live in the 50s with the plastic sheet covered beds and couch, I researched. Took Bojangles to the vet to make sure it wasn’t health related. He received a clean bill of health. Bojangles also has a sensitive stomach, so at the same time, I was researching the best foods to feed the cats and Buddy.

I found a book from a person in Europe who had the same issues with cat peeing. Although he had issues with his cat spraying. Bojangles, thankfully, was not spraying. I read his book and it all made sense. It seems Bojo was stressed. After all the changes to our household, I realized how upsetting it was for him. Not all cats react the same way and Bojo is a sensitive guy. I changed to 4 cat litter boxes. It was suggested that for each cat, one litter box plus one. It was also suggested to have more open boxes with a high side. Three of my litter boxes were enclosed. So I switched to three with high sides and one with a roof. It was also suggested to use a litter that resembled sand. Cats when they are outside, use sand and then cover it up as best they can. I had been using “The World’s Best Cat Litter” but found Boxie cat litter which has a hard clumping factor and is not dusty. Also, read that cats do not need the “added” fragrances of lavender, etc. in their cat litter.

I also read that getting something like Feliway which has pheromones for cats can help bring stress levels down. Got three of them and have them through the kitchen and family room. Well, it is kind of ridiculous but I am feeling hopeful after making these changes. The Feliway will take time to be effective but I am seeing more usage in the litter boxes. A lot more usage. I am hesitant to keep the plastic sheet off the couch but I will test trial the couch in the great room upstairs.

As for the food stuff, I did find a book from a veterinary who talked about the best foods for our pets. He suggested frozen raw, freeze dried raw and dehydrated food. These foods are filled with the necessary amounts of protein and vegetables and fruit that our dogs and cats need. My cats hated the dehydrated stuff and wouldn’t touch it. Buddy was super happy with whatever I put down for him. So having three cats and one dog, I looked for the healthiest and most cost efficient products. Also, something that would not have Bojo throwing up all over the place because of his sensitive stomach. And I am happy to say that I found them. I am getting the American Journey brand of wet food and dry food for the cats. They are extremely happy with these foods and gobble it all down. For Buddy, he is really happy with the Instinct brand of freeze dried food and I may just keep getting him Nature’s Logic raw frozen dog patties. Man, these patties look good. Add to all of this that these foods smell good.

If I am eating healthy then I want to feed my pets healthy food. Eating healthy will help prevent all the diseases that come up with our furry friends. They are our companions and I want to do what is best for them. Especially when I see all the recalls on the pet foods that are happening. So feeling hopeful and grateful that I could find answers to the problems.

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