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Let me say, first off, that people mean well. But sometimes the response to a person’s concerns doesn’t sit well. I don’t think people have been taught how to handle talking to someone faced with a difficult situation. Or they feel uncomfortable when faced with something hard. I have just recently been scheduled for a …

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The Story of Chicken Little

I wonder how many people remember the original story of Chicken Little that was presented by Walt Disney Productions in 1943. It was produced short and was to be released as war propaganda. It was based on the original story of Chicken Little. The story was set with chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and other fowl …

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I think we Americans would do well to check out what Canadians are doing about recycling. I just do not understand how we are sending our recycling goods to China when it can all be done very well here. Canadians have recycling plants and are employing people with special needs to sort the items. Many …

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Breast Cancer Survivor

Yes, a lot of you know I am a breast cancer survivor and I know how lucky I am. But being a survivor doesn’t mean it totally leaves you. I now need to have yearly diagnostic mammograms. However, at my last one, I was anxious. I tried not to be but it is there with …

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What is happening?

What is now happening to our world didn’t really hit me until I walked into a grocery store and saw all the empty shelves. I know my jaw hit the floor and I just walked around Lidl wondering what had happened. Another woman looked at me and she said, “I just can’t believe this either.” …

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Welcome to my brand new website. I was having issues with my old website. Took it down and now have this wonderful website which I did not do myself. I was going to just take it down and not do any more writing. I have been so busy with transcription work and thought I was …

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