My Books

You Are Mine

You Are Mine is my second published novel. It has just recently been published in 2019. Now available for sale on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.


You Are Mine is a Christian based thriller. Traumatic situations arise every day in people’s lives. How people handle situations will either press them closer to God or it may turn them away.

“Hickory dickory dock.  The mouse ran up the clock.”  The long, slender fingers ran up Rebecca’s warm back.  She was lying face down on a bed.  She shivered as the fingers ran up her spine.  Her eyes widened as she knew what would be coming next and she closed her eyes.

“The clock struck one, the mouse ran down.  Hickory dickory dock.”  The fingers slowly scratched down her spine and Rebecca flinched as the fingernails dug into her skin.  She broke out into a sweat and squeezed her eyes shut.  “No,” she thought, “no.”

The Collins family is living an idyllic life on the beautiful island valley of Maui, Hawaii. Rebecca Collins’ past creeps into her memory at times. She is haunted by the choices she made as a nursing student in Canada. Her past suddenly appears in the form of Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, Dr. Michael Phillips. He is quick to inform her that he knows her firstborn son, Benjamin, is his. 

It is a race against Michael’s determination to kidnap Rebecca and Benjamin, and Dan’s desire to protect his family. The private detective Dan has hired uncovers a series of horrors Michael has left behind in Saskatchewan, Canada. Unfortunately, Michael’s plans come to fruition and he has imprisoned Rebecca and Benjamin.

Rebecca and Benjamin are determined to stay strong and make plans to escape, hoping Dan will be able to rescue them. It is a race for Dan to find Rebecca and Benjamin before Michael can finalize his plans.

The Goblet

The Goblet is my first published novel.  It was first published in 2013.  Now available for sale on Amazon.  If you would like to purchase an autographed copy, please send me an email.


While on a family trip to Israel, Sarah hasn’t discovered just any goblet; she has come into possession of something not of this world. Something of Jesus’s very own. The trip had been rocky so far. Sarah’s husband, Bill, was distant as ever, and her son, Alex, is disagreeable as usual. Once Sarah gets the goblet, though, everything starts to Change. All of a sudden, Alex is enthusiastic about family events. Sarah soon comes to learn that this is no coincidence. Life starts to change back home as well. Sarah and her children go to church the first Sunday at home which is a feat in itself only to discover that Sarah’s singing voice is inspiring everyone. The church goers all around her turn and are moved by Sarah’s angelic voice, and she joins the church band. Everything is going right for Sarah. Well, almost everything. Her children are making better decisions, the church band is really taking off, but her husband still isn’t living up to his obligations. In fact, Sarah discovers evil forces are at work in him, and he is trying to steal the goblet. On a last-minute trip back to Israel, can Sarah save the precious relic before Bill does the unthinkable? Find out in The Goblet.