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Adjusting to the New Normal

This is not something any one of us could have predicted happening. This is certainly not something I have wished for my children and grandchildren. I am hoping this will make us more aware of others.

There have been a number of theories how this all started. We are told it was started by a meat market in Wuhan, China. Some people have said the Chinese started it to stop the riots happening in southern China by its people. Some have said that Americans started it in China. Can’t remember the reason that was given but it was a theory. But many others have agreed that W.H.O. messed up by not being on top of the pandemic as it rapidly grew in China.

We all watched in horror when countries in Europe were overtaken by the virus. Italy seemed to have an explosion of the virus.. Many European countries quickly went into lockdown, closing their borders. It appeared as if travelers from China were bringing the virus into their destination countries. How could Americans think we were safe, that we were immune to this virus?

The coronavirus does not recognize borders. It does not care if you are old, young, fit, or healthy. It strikes when one least expects it and so when it started showing its ugliness in the U.S., I think we were all astounded. Washington reported the first deaths and it didn’t take long for it to show up in other states. Particularly New York. New York, the financial epicenter for the States has been hit hardest. The pictures we are seeing are heart wrenching and I have cried many times.

Each state has gone on lockdown at different times and in different stages. Businesses have had to shut down, as in other countries. People have lost jobs, as in other countries. We are all struggling. The true warriors have now shown themselves. Those that are in healthcare, firefighters and police officers. We need to also recognize truck drivers who are trying to deliver goods, grocery store workers who are filling shelves every day. All the people who are willing to donate what they can and the people who are filling the cars for those in need.

Yes, I feel for those that have lost their jobs. However, a number of stores have said they need more workers and are hiring. Restaurants are now doing delivery and curb side pick ups. I saw a man in his vehicle with an Uber sign delivering Amazon packages to a neighbor’s house. Yes, it is not the same pay rate for what some people are used to but it is something. This should bring out the entrepreneurial spirit out in some of us. I know the bakery in Waxhaw is doing a booming business. Sure, I am going to gain weight but I am spreading the joy around to my friends by dropping off their delicious goods to them.

There is no way to know how this is all going to end. We heard that Smithfields in South Dakota had tested some of their workers and said only a few tested positive only to find out a few weeks later that over 700 had tested positive. Their plants have now shut down. Food shortages are a concern and people are scooping up as much meat products as possible. I have been stocking up my freezers and will now stock up my pantry. I know my husband will be unhappy if he doesn’t have meat. I will be happy with alternatives like nuts and seafood. Oh and this should be a good reason to stock up on chocolate, coffee and wine. Just sayin’. But we have been assured that there will be no food shortages.

I just fear that reopening too soon when we aren’t certain how this will go, is a recipe for disaster. Do we really want another wave rising up? How many people are we willing to sacrifice? A number of states have reopened but there is no statement for testing. Let’s just open up because people need to make money. The states that have opened up along with beaches, do not show people being responsible and taking precautions. I fear for this country. I fear that the next wave of this virus will be far worse than the first. There are too many reports of our elderly in nursing homes dying. Are we not to take care of our elderly and our weak or are too many people starting to think that we should thin out our herd? I know a few people who think this, Sweden for example.

I am suspecting that God did have a plan in this. He is trying to get our attention. He has always had my attention. He is judging how we are handling this pandemic. The minority of people are pushing to rush opening of the states. The majority are remaining silent, knowing it is too soon. So do governors cave in to the demands of the few or listen to scientists and medical professionals? My husband is already risking our lives with his job. He is extremely worried that he will bring this virus home to me. I am listening to God and doing what I can to help others. But I choose to stay safe.

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