Month: January 2021

Cats Are Easy, Right?

I have had cats all my life. I love their independence, their playfulness, their personalities and how easy they are to train. Ooops. Well, not really. Since moving to the States, I have kept my cats inside as indoor cats. I tended to live in countryside areas with pastures and bushes close by. Too many …

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Oh yes, I did. I said the most heinous word in the dictionary. And right when everyone is thinking about getting their information together for tax season. I am watching all the relief programs that have been passed and are being discussed right now. The last Coronavirus bailout was in the amount of $2 trillion. …

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The Story of Chicken Little

I wonder how many people remember the original story of Chicken Little that was presented by Walt Disney Productions in 1943. It was produced short and was to be released as war propaganda. It was based on the original story of Chicken Little. The story was set with chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and other fowl …

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I am still an American

Well, November was the first time I voted in a federal election as an American. This was not an easy election and it was not an easy decision for me to make. I do not make decisions lightly. I put a lot of thought into who I was going to vote for especially since I …

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